About Us

CCD Interiors LLC (previously Colorado Carpet Distributors) was purchased in 2021 by Wendy Symalla. Wendy has been part of the management team at CCD Interiors since 2009. Her sons, Josh and Tyler, have recently been more involved at CCD Interiors and are also managing their stone fabrication company, Fabrications LLC.

CCD Interiors was established in 1983 and purchased in 1999 by Fred Mazzotti. Meanwhile, Wendy was the CEO and co-owner of Homebuilders Flooring, HBF Designs and HBF Marble & Granite (1994-2009). Fred and Wendy worked as account managers for a competitor in the early 1990’s and had a strong mutual respect for each other. Due to the drastic change in the 2009 housing market, Wendy and Fred decided to team up. Both CCD & Fabrications had more than enough room and capacity for the HBF team. Fortunately, HBF was able to bring most of their customers and many of their employees and trades to CCD. Many of these employees and trades are still with CCD Interiors today. The consolidation of our employees and trades has made for a dedicated, experienced,  consistent and effective team!

We’ve succeeded in maintaining an outstanding reputation by hiring and developing the best people in their chosen fields:

  • Installation Services

    Field Supervision

  • Interior Design

    Design Center Management

  • Account Management

    Warehouse Services

  • Administration Services

    Customer Service

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